Dave Armstrong (The Economy Strikes Again) "Fund Drive"

Dave Armstrong has 23 published books, including six with catholic publishers:

Please prayerfully consider a generous tax-deductible donation, a purchase of Dave Armstrong's paperback books, or 15-for-$25 or (newly-added) 5-for-$15 e-book package deals.
Dave Armstrong is fairly well-known in the Catholic apologetics world and the Christian blogosphere. But it's a small book market and it's very difficult for anyone to live off of Catholic apologetics writing alone.
Please give prayerful consideration in supporting this apostolate. The work that Dave Armstrong has done is evident: over 2600 posts on this blog; the books . . . And it is evidently fruitful, with hundreds of personal testimonies received from people being helped in faith or assisted in becoming convinced of Catholicism, and entering the Church.  Dave also has done a considerable amount of interaction with atheists and has been emphasizing that in recent months.  His blog just passed the 1.5 million visitors mark.