Catechism of the Catholic Church

define: catechism

From personal experience, "catechism" is an ugly sounding word of non-English origin that to many English-speaking non-catholics has negative connotation. It is hardly pronounced or uttered with poetic intention. It rolls off the tongue like a rough cut piece of timber that can be harmful to those nearby, including yourself. See also: catechumen. Some also say, see: Antichrist.

denotative (intended) meaning of "catechism" = teaching, usually used by catholic or orthodox denominations
The official Catechism of the Catholic Church is easily searched online:
For the curious from the Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary:
catechism1 [ˈkӕtikizəm] noun
a book (especially religious) of instructions by means of question and answer
  • Arabic: كِتابٌ تَعْليميٌّ دينيٌّ بِطَريقَةِ السؤالِ والجَواب
  1. Brief Catechism of the Catholic Church: موجز التعليم المسيحي للكنيسة الكاثوليكية
  2. Larger catechism:
  • Chinese (Simplified): 问答集,问答教学法
  • Chinese (Traditional): 問答集,問答教學法
  • Czech: katechismus
  • Danish: katekismus
  • Dutch: catechismus
  • Estonian: katekismus
  • Finnish: katekismus
  • French: catéchisme
  • German: der Katechismus
  • Greek: κατήχηση
  • Hungarian: katekizmus, káté
  • Icelandic: kennslubók (spurningar og svör), (fermingar-)kver
  • Indonesian: katekisme
  • Italian: catechismo; (prontuario a domande e risposte)
  • Japanese: 教義問答書
  • Korean: 교리 문답집, 문답식 교과서
  • Latvian: katķisms
  • Lithuanian: katekizmas
  • Norwegian: katekisme
  • Polish: katechizm
  • Portuguese (Brazil): catecismo
  • Portuguese (Portugal): catecismo
  • Romanian: catehism
  • Russian: катехизис
  • Slovak: katechizmus
  • Slovenian: katekizem
  • Spanish: catecismo Catecismo de la Iglesia Catolica (Spanish Edition)
  • Swedish: katekes
  • Turkish: sorulu-cevaplı din öğrenim kitabı; ilmihal
In ecclesiology, a catechumen (IPA: /ˌkætəˈkjuːmən/; from Latin catechumenus, Greek κατηχουμενος , instructed) is one receiving instruction in the principles of the Christian religion with a view to baptism.--

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