Virtuous Leadership

Christian leadership includes humility and is increasingly important in today's world.  The virtues particular to leadership (humility and magnanimity), are discussed by St. Thomas Aquinas, Church Doctor.  Alexandre Havard gives a good summary, and Jesus Christ is not ignored.
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Some worthy quotes:
  • Leadership is about achieving greatness by bringing out the greatness in others.
  • “There are many Christians,” writes Escrivá, “who follow Christ and are astonished by His divinity, but forget Him as a Man. And they fail in the practice of supernatural virtues, despite all the external paraphernalia of piety, because they do nothing to acquire human virtues.”
  • Christian leaders have a model of human and divine perfection—Jesus Christ. ... If to lead is to serve others even to the nth degree, then Christ’s sacrifice of His life on Calvary for our sakes, which is renewed in each and every celebration of the Holy Eucharist, must constitute any leader’s supreme inspiration.
Havard, Alexandre (2010-10-12). Virtuous Leadership (Kindle Locations 2388-2390). Scepter Publishers. Kindle Edition.

St. Thomas Aquinas. Summa Theologica: Question 129. Magnanimity -

 [magn- great, animus- mindAntonym: pusill- small, animus- mind])

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